Bizou CupCake Beauty Kids Kit

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Made in Quebec

Beauty kit.


1x Magic Polish #02 Strawberry Smoothie 2 in 1 (5ml)

1x Magic Potion (polish eraser) 60 ml spray

1x Tinted Bizou Caramel Cupcake 5g (Strawberry Red)

1x GOMMEE cosmetic pouch

Non-toxic food grade nail polish.

With these magical nail polishes, children will be able to take part in mum's manicure and pedicure ritual in complete safety. Thanks to their two-phase formula, each color makes it possible to obtain 2 shades.

The principle is simple, by dipping the brush in the upper part of the content, we obtain a shade in transparency. For a more saturated shade, shake the bottle before application. Non-toxic, these food-grade nail polishes are the perfect option for pregnant women and children of all ages. The most fun part of polishes is making a change! With the Magic Potion, the 2-in-1 magic varnish disappears in a jiffy. In addition to its delicious bubblegum smell, this nail polish remover is distinguished by its gentle alcohol-based formula. However, you should know that the Magic Potion is used exclusively with GOM.MEE brand magic nail polishes. To use it, simply spray on the nail or soak a cotton ball, then wipe to make the varnish disappear... like magic! From 3 years.

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