The Mother of All Baby Books


By Ann Douglas

For over two decades, Canadians have counted on Ann Douglas for her reassuring, proven and never bossy advice. Featuring the latest recommendations from Canadian health authorities and the best tips from more than 100 Canadian parents, The Mother of All Baby Books is an indispensable resource for giving your baby the healthiest possible start on life. Inside, you’ll find

·         Proven advice on making the transition to parenthood as smooth as possible

·         Need-to-know information about the physical and emotional highs and lows in the first year, including how to spot the warning signs of a perinatal mood disorder such as postpartum depression

·         Practical tips on getting breastfeeding off to the best possible start for you and your baby

·         Medically-reviewed and effective advice on coping with colic, diaper rash, sleep and other common first-year challenges

·         A no-worry guide to starting your baby on solid foods, including recipes for some of the most popular and easy-to-make baby food purées

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