Donate for a discount !

Donate your old items and get 20% off all pre-loved items and 10% off most new products on your next purchase.*

Pas de dons de vêtements jusqu'au 15 avril 2024

En raison de l'énorme quantité de vêtements que nous avons déjà, nous n'accepterons PAS de dons de vêtements avant le 15 avril, 2024. Nous acceptons toujours les dons de jouets, d'équipements, d'accessoires, de livres, de chaussures, de matériel de sport et de plein air.

Si vous avez des articles haut de gamme que vous souhaitez vendre, n'hésitez pas à nous envoyer un courriel pour plus d'informations pendant que nous évaluons notre nouveau programme de rachat.

How it works?

The offer applies to donations of 30-40 pieces of clothing or items in GOOD CONDITION depending on the value.

Please avoid items with holes, stains, rips, animal hair or odours (and of course, no smoke, please!).

Anything we cannot sell can be returned to you, featured in our “Needs Luv” section, or donated to an organization.

We also accept donations of used cloth diapers.

If we feel that the items are not in good enough condition, or there are not enough, you can continue to bring in items until you qualify for a discount.

We accept donations at any time during our opening hours. We do our best to sort your items on site so that you can use your discount immediately. If you prefer to drop off your items and use your discount later, we will add it to your account for your next visit.

You must use your first discount before getting a new one. For example, if you bring a second donation, but have not yet used your first discount, you cannot accumulate discounts.

We cannot apply the discount to sale items.

Accepted donations

Clothes and Footwear

Sweaters, pants, t-shirts, onesies, pajamas, outerwear, shoes, boots, socks… everything for the comfort and style of your mini.

Toys and Equipment

All those things that you thought were useless but make your life so much easier.

And that your baby obviously loves!

Cloth diapers and Accessories

All types of cloth diapers and accessories — pockets, diaper covers, flats, fitteds, inserts, etc.

Items not accepted

Toys that are not educational in nature (e.g.: stuffed animals, dolls, Legos, etc.)

Used helmets

Used car seats


Opened or expired creams or skincare products

Used pacifiers

Why a donation program?

We chose this business model to avoid the thorny question of the value of your items and the amount to pay to recover them. In the second hand market, value is subjective and changes easily over time.

People often give different values ​​to the same items. For some people these items have sentimental value, for others the priority will be the return on their initial investment. And that's completely normal.

We're not trying to compete with your favorite online marketplaces. We know you can sell your items online and make money for it.

Donating your items to the store means having the guarantee that they will be loved and reused by another family, that we will take care of them and that they will not remain on a shelf, gathering dust for months and years .

Make a donation

What's better than a loving family
for your old baby things?