Pre-loved and new products for 0-6 year-olds and more!

"I love having an option for second-hand kid clothes in my neighborhood and the local products for gifts are just awesome."


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"I can always find something at all price ranges, be it local artisans or pre-loved. Not to mention great chats with lovely staff!"

Second Hand

Sorted, washed and at low prices. They grow up so fast, so why not save money and do the environment a favour!

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"love learning about new products and that the second hand clothing is washed and ready to wear!"

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Give them a NouLuv gift card and stop wondering what they want or need! Let them choose from our pre-loved selection and/or brand-new products that are both cute and practical.
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In addition to supplying our second hand section, by donating your items you benefit from a 10% discount on several new items and 20% on all second hand items.

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New & Local

We feature locally-made products and companies from Quebec and Canada.


All of our second-hand items are sorted, washed, well-organized and in excellent condition.

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