Survivre à la grossesse et plus encore...

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By , illustrated by Ana Roy

Surviving pregnancy and more… is an artsy and daring book that stands out from other guides on the subject thanks to the surprising illustrations of Ana Roy and the refreshing texts of Julie Champagne. Divided into nine chapters, like so many months of gestation, it is at the same time humorous, intelligent and educational.

With its illustrations and crazy settings, the book addresses the dark side of pregnancy as much as its joys and its little quarterly miracles. It brings out all the humanity that the birth of a child requires through themes such as: the difficulties of getting pregnant, the different parental situations, the ups and downs of hormones or breakdowns of desire in the couple.

A true lifeline in the sea of ​​information that overwhelms future parents, this guide provides the necessary medical advice - follow-ups, choice of practitioner, medical prescriptions - to survive this period without losing your mind or... your water. Positive, inspiring and comforting, it is the bedside book par excellence for all modern parents who seek to calm their apprehensions with a good laugh!

Format: 17 cm x 23 cm, soft cover in French

Number of pages: 192

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